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What’s The Secret To Increasing Your Bottom Line 3 to 5 Times Its Current Level?

What do Zappos, Google, Facebook, and Warby Parker have in common besides being billion-dollar companies?

They top the BEST CORPORATE CULTURE year in and year out.  It all starts with the employees; and they deliver results to your customers.  

Transformation Leadership Coaching helps your business find, take pride, and magnify the essence of your culture, putting you in the same environment as these top companies.



Create a stand out work-place

Your employees will:

  • Feel seen, appreciated and validated.
  • Receive and inspire motivation resulting in excellent engagement, high performance, and great productivity
  • Feel happy and are actively looking to grow and build the company.

Develop excellent leaders:

  • To effectively motivate and lead other employees
  • To feel confident and passionate about making effective decisions
  • To trust their team, communicate exceptionally and eradicate Micromanaging entirely. 
  • To get excited for change and offer up flexibility
  • To build with empathy and humility

Create an outstanding culture:

  • Build cohesion, unity, and purpose.
  • Inspire greater diversity among employees and leadership.
  • Enliven sensitivity across diverse cultures and generations.
  • Reduce absenteeism and engage employees  
  • Get better results from prospects, clients, vendors, and colleagues
  • Increase your bottom line 3 to 5 times its current standing, billion-dollar company style. 




★★★★★ Veeral Lakhani, Reliable Group, CEO


Thanks to Paulie and her Transformation Leadership Coaching, I’ve seen a significant positive change in my employee’s engagement, productivity, and overall morale. From presentation skills, bringing out the best out of them, to mindset management, Paulie has helped improve the quality of our workforce.  My team considers Paulie on extension of the Reliable team. She’s a huge asset and a part of the growth story of Reliable.  I highly recommend Paulie to anyone that cares about their team.” 

★★★★★ Lauren Boyer, Underscore Marketing, CEO


Underscore highly recommends Paulie’s program both at the personal and organizational levels. Her carefully crafted, customized training helped our team discover and magnify the essence of our culture. We feel this gives us a competitive advantage with retaining talent against companies in our industry who are much larger. Paulie is truly amazing and every team member has commented on the value they have received. We can see the increase in confidence and productivity after only a short time.

★★★★★ Clem Cote, Sovereign Realty Group, Managing Principal


“I have hired Paulie to work with me both personally and for members of my sales force. Her extensive training as a classical actress enables her to fine tune her clients speaking skills. She also has the ability to enhance a company’s culture to eliminate actions that would otherwise distract from core values of our company. I personally find her to have one of the best work ethics I have witnessed. She is very pleasant and truly cares about her clients development. needed. Thanks Paulie for all of your help!”

★★★★★ Joe Apfelbaum, Ajax Union, CEO


Paulie is a great public speaking coach, she has helped me get ready for my MojoNation event last year.  Right from our first call she was able to educate me on tactics to transfer any nervousness to excitement and she helped me to b able to to teach that to our team.  She is great at getting companies to create unity and purpose.  Every time she comes to work with our team she has incredible insights that motivate and inspire our team to take their self confidence and performance to the next level.

★★★★★ Tom Krieglstein, SwiftKick, Lead Facilitator


Congratulations to my client, Tom Krieglstein, for his incredible TEDx talk at UCLA. Tom is an award winning speaker and writer on increasing engagement and fostering retention. He has worked with over 650 college and corporations worldwide through his leadership programs. Tom has gone from successful internet entrepreneur of a $1.5 million dollar company at 21 years old to five-time “Leadership Speaker of the Year.”  You killed it, Tom!  Check out his TEDxUCLA Talk here:

About Your Coach

Acclaimed Executive Coach Paulie Rojas

I look forward to working with you and your company by taking you to the next level. 

Paulie Rojas has an extensive background in executive coaching, public speaking, performing, and business coaching. 

Besides working with a vast array of CEO's and high level executives in the US and abroad, Paulie's list of companies include multi-million dollar businesses that range from advertising and digital marketing to law firms and tech helping them expand 3- 5x, and more.  

Paulie works extensively with Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), the only global network exclusively for entrepreneurs, in both the Manhattan and Brooklyn chapters.  She has studied with renowned voice and speech coach, Andrew Wade, from the Royal Shakespeare Company, has appeared in Network Television, and received numerous accolades for her starring roles in award winning films.


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