How does Transformational Leadership coaching work?

We have three guiding principles at Transformation Leadership: 

  1. Understanding and assessing your business needs and areas of improvements
  2. Creating a custom-tailored approach unique to your business needs
  3. Tracking progress and feedback to continuously improve employee and executive learnings

Here's how each step works in detail: 

Step 1-Assessment -  Get in touch with us and through our result-driven approach we figure out key areas you’re looking to improve.

Step 2- Develop a custom tailored approach - Together we identify specific skills for leaders and employees to work on. These will include a specific focus or a combination of the following:  

  1. Culture and Community Empowerment - Driven by the company’s core values to set each other up for success.
  2. Mastering Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence - To ensure peak performance for yourself and your team.
  3. Presentation Skills - Developing a clear, concise, memorable message to inspire, challenge, educate and emotionally charge your clients and any audience within a presentation
  4. Performance Anxiety Management - Sharpening the mind for effective performance by learning to manage nerves and anxiety and how to stay in command of the room at all times 
  5. Storytelling and The Sounds of Success (or How to Command our Room with our Voice). To project true leadership and credibility and how to inspire, challenge, educate and emotionally charge your clients with the power of stories
  6. Team Building and Communication - The most fun and long-lasting part to ensure employees see the big picture and how the magic happens with working together. 
  7. Confidence and Credibility - Build Confidence and credibility in order to lead to more creative and innovative work.
  8. Mastering Non-Verbal Communication- To understand how our words, actions and physical demeanor affects others and use it to inspire action in others and how to create an awareness of ineffective behaviors that may decrease your status and learn to avoid them
  9. Mindset Management - Mastering the right attitude, cultivating an unshakable mindset and setting the team up for unparalleled success 
  10. Dress for Success - Developing a sharp business image because your wardrobe speaks before you do.
  11. Sustaining the aliveness in the workplace - To secure the vitality is not only maintained but continually increasing and staying inspired your work and in the employee’s life.

Step 3: Accountability -  Through individual and group coaching sessions, we’ll develop your leaders and employees skills and teamsmanship.  Each month, we’ll provide a detailed assessment of how they’re doing and track progress on goals. Employees will also receive detailed feedback, and you’ll be informed of the process.

What Does The Executive or Business Owner Learn?

In addition to transforming employees, we also focus on executive coaching. With Transformation Leadership, you will learn:

  • How to engage and excite employees - Make them feel part of a larger purpose by effectively motivating and convincing them they are part of the larger common goal.
  • How to effectively communicate and get results - Help employees feel their voices can be heard when they aren’t muffled under layers of management.  This level of freedom and empowerment creates confident employees and improves morale.
  • How to create a positive evolving culture.  Even the best culture needs to revisit itself to meet a growing company’s team.   
  • How to put trust in your employees.  Trust goes a long way towards positive company culture, because it leads to independent employees who help your company grow.

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