Client Success Stories


A Software Development Company:

 A global company had international employees that were looking to close sales but had trouble with pronunciation, presentation, and overall confidence. With Transformation Leadership’s coaching, they were able to speak eloquently, present well, and establish strong rapport with potential clients.  As a result, the company increased their revenues by 3x since the coaching began. 

A Media Strategy Company:

A company specializing in media strategy, planning and execution for health and wellness brands was finding it challenging for their US and European teams to work together internally. With Transformation Leadership’s coaching, international teams learned to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other, while understanding and appreciating cultural differences.  The company’s client retention skyrocketed, confidence soared and the teams’ productivity tripled.

A Realty Group Company:

This company is a full service commercial real estate firm specializing in real estate investment, and retail tenant and landlord representation. Communication was their greatest challenge both internally and with clients.  With Transformation Leadership’s coaching, employees learned how to overcome team communication roadblocks and up-level their presentation skills in a group and one-on-one setting with clients. Since Transformation Leadership’s coaching, revenue has increased 1.5 times. 




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